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Off-Grid Confidential leverages Lee Bellinger’s many years of experience as a Washington insider to provide unique investment insights as they relate to changing government and regulation, medical and industrial development, and other notable breakthroughs.

While he is neither a tech specialist or a credentialed financial analyst, he started learning a lot about the technology and energy business long ago as legislative assistant to then Representative Dan Coats of Indiana. Among his other legislative assignments, he monitored the House Science and Technology Committee.

Ever since, he’s been a dogged financial publishing researcher for 33 years, since 1988.  So, he has more time invested in hands on investment research than most people spend in a single job during their careers.

About Lee Bellinger

Lee Bellinger is the editor and publisher of Off-Grid Confidential, a private financial advisory newsletter that leverages Bellinger’s years of experience as a Washington insider to provide unique insights into government, major industry, and other macroeconomic trends.

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  • Supplemental Special Reports included occasionally to provide extra insight and stress on a particular market, strategy, or opportunity.

  • Between-Issue Email Alerts to keep you on top of changing market trends with specific recommendations to individual stocks, asset allocation, ETF recommendations, and more.