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James Dale Davidson's

Strategic Investment
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Why The National Investor?

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Strategic Investment?

Strategic Investment newsletter brings you profitable investment recommendations … regular updates on the economy and the markets … and forecasts to help you prepare to prosper in the months ahead.
Not only has he helped his readers survive and profit during three major stock crashes by showing them the undervalued opportunities. But readers have been able to more than double their money by investing in disruptive companies – and even events – before they exploded. Here are just a few recent examples of the kind of profit opportunities that have routinely shared with his subscribers:

  • 100% gains – in just two months – from a November 2020 Bitcoin recommendation

  • 220% gains in just one month from an early 2020 gold trade

  • 439% gains in just one month from an ETN trade in March 2020

  • and 468% gains – in one year from a simple oil ETF position.

About James Dale Davidson

James Dale Davidson is a highly acclaimed economist and financial forecaster who has cemented his legacy through his renown investment newsletter Strategist Investment, which has been in publication 1987. One of Davidson’s biggest fans include billionaire Peter Thiel, who says Davidson inspired him to start PayPal and cited Davidson as “his favorite stock picker.”

What a subscription to Strategic Investment gets you:

  • monthly issues of Strategic Investment packed full of information, analysis, strategies, and more.

  • Supplemental Special Reports included occasionally to provide extra insight and stress on a particular market, strategy, or opportunity.

  • Between-Issue Email Alerts to keep you on top of changing market trends with specific recommendations to individual stocks, asset allocation, ETF recommendations, and more.