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Shedding a Light on Equities

StreetLight Confidential
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Why The National Investor?

Shedding a Light on Equities

Why Choose
Streetlight Confidential?

Drawing from a wealth of experience not limited to high-frequency trading, financial advising, hedge fund management, private placement, private to public (IPO) consulting, and even ghostwriting for Wall Street gurus — the team at Streetlight Confidential has done it all.

Each month, these pros will bring to you a myriad of thoughts on the markets, stock profiles, technical analysis, and the occasional political overview.

Streetlight Confidential also offers special reports on smaller companies often neglected by Wall Street. These deep dives will include interviews with company executives, a thorough analysis of the company’s financial picture, financial outlook, and business plan, and an examination of comparable companies in the same space.

About The Streetlight Confidential Team

Tim Collins worked for years as a financial advisor before establishing his own hedge fund, one that would acquire shares in companies like Facebook, Twitter, and AirBnb in the private markets before they went public. He now co-authors Streetlight Confidential investment newsletter with Bob Byrne, and  his writing and commentary has been featured on RealMoney and RealMoneyPro on for over a decade.

Bob Byrne built a reputation as a daily columnist for after trading billions of dollars over two decades in financial markets.  He now co-authors Streetlight Confidential investment newsletter with Tim Collins that focuses on under-the-radar companies and investment opportunities often overlooked by Wall Street.

Harry Vahaz is an angel investor and trader based in Chicago with notable experience in investment research and consulting. For years, he managed an investment publication that had over 100,000 paid subscribers and garnered over 1 million social media impressions.  He’s now primarily focused on the Chicago tech scene and cryptocurrencies, sharing his insights via the team at Streetlight Confidential.

Streetlight Confidential Financial Newsletter Team

What a subscription to Streetlight Confidential gets you:

  • monthly issues of Streetlight Confidential packed full of information, analysis, strategies, and more.

  • Supplemental Special Reports included occasionally to provide extra insight and stress on a particular market, strategy, or opportunity.