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Chris Temple

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The National Investor?

From 2000-2002, cumulatively, the S&P 500 was DOWN by 37.4%
… but The National Investor’s recommended average portfolio was UP by 18.9%

In the year at the epicenter of the global financial crisis, the S&P 500 LOST 36.5%
… that year, The National Investor’s portfolio ended the year EVEN, suffering no loss.

As Chris Temple likes to say,

I may not lead you to beating the market averages every single year, but if we outdo the market most of the time—and especially by preserving gains in major down turns when others are giving back theirs—then we’ll come out on top over time!

About Chris Temple

Chris Temple has set himself apart with his unique ability to make the intricacies of the markets and our world understandable to the average person, chiefly via his newsletter The National Investor.  With over five decades in the financial and investment world, his commentary has appeared in Barron’s, Forbes, Investors’ Digest, among other publications. 

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